Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eye Candy

Went to quilt guild meeting on Wednesday. We usually have some sort of class before our meeting. This month it was on Sewing Room Organization. Many great ideas were shared there as well as where to buy some of the organizational items. We also learned a few quilting techniques. Good time;) Our meeting started a little after 1300. After all of the business was done we had our "sharing" time. I love this part of our meetings. We get to see what other guild members have been working on. After sharing we had several different members showing different applique techniques. Each presentation lasted about 20 minutes and we all got to choose 3 to go to. I only got to go to two because I had to leave early and go to work. All I can say is fun fun fun.

Here's the Eye Candy

Quilts from Guild Members

3 D Applique

This was one of the applique techniques

we could watch being demonstrated.

Is this lady talented, or what???

I am just in awe of people that can do applique work here.

And now for you Dear Jane fans.........these are some of my favorites...........and remember, the finished size of these blocks is just four and a half inches........

I love this Bear's Paw..........and remember...

Only 4.5"

I have more Eye Candy, but will save it for another time.

I have tomorrow off and hope to get some sewing done. I hope you all are having a great weekend.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Angels in Blogland;)

A while back I joined a miniature quilt swap.....made my quilt, sent it off and then waited and waited and waited. To this date I haven't heard if the person I sent my quilt to has ever rec'd it, but then I haven't heard that she didn't either...I never rec'd a quilt either (boo hoo), but our gracious hostess "angeled" me out. Well, today when I got home from work guess what I found in my mail box.........go ahead, guess................................I was so excited that I ripped, yes ripped into the package that I found there...................and this is what I found..................

This lovely mini quilt full of sunshine.

I know that it will make me smile whenever I look at it, especially during the snowy winter days that are on the way.

My Angel is a lovely person by the name of Anjea from Austin.

I love the nice warm colors, never thought of black as a warm color, but I can't imagine this little beauty without it.


You truly are an ANGEL!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Woke up this morning to snow on the ground...talked to my daughter in MN and she said that in was in the mid 70's and my daughter in CA is enjoying 80+ degrees, but she went to AZ this weekend to visit my oldest son and his family...where they're having 100 degree days...still.

Got this idea from AJ (crazy mom quilts)...
someday I'll figure out how to do that little link thing...

Matching dish cloth and dish towel
...I hope the person getting these likes them...

Rec'd these "Vintage Sheets" from a swap that I did. Most of them will be going into an hour glass quilt that I'm working that idea from AJ, too.

I hope that you all have a great week and don't forget the Christmas Cottage Open House tomorrow.