Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Virtual Quilt Festival

There's a Virtual Quilt Festival going on over at Amy's . Go check it out and join in on all of the fun;)

This is a picture of one of my favorite quilts that I have made and here's why...although it's not very big, only about 30" x 30", I made up and drew the design, hand appliqued the stars and hearts on it with a button hole stitch and then hand quilted it.

As imperfect as it is, probably the reason this one is so near and dear to my heart is that a very young grandson spent the night and he asked me if I could take it off of the wall and cover him up with it. We left this one on the wall and covered him up with a bigger quilt and he was OK with that because he could still see my Stars and Hearts Quilt;)

Enjoy the VQF:)

Time For a Little Catch Up

First of all, I would like to thank all of you that sent well wishes regarding my kids and their so journ through the snow to come out for a visit. I truly appreciate it. My kids did finally get here, almost two days later than planned because of the snow in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As unhappy as I was about them being stuck in Cheyenne for nearly two days because of said snow, I was happy about it keeping them here for several extra days while yet another storm hit us and, again closed the roads. They are now back in MN and getting back to life as usual.

One week ago tomorrow this is what my front yard had all over it...

...over 9" of snow fell in less than 24 hours! Today it's been in the mid 70's...dare I say it...could Spring finally be here???

Here's a hint that it just might be...

Hopefully, it will stick around for awhile;)

This quilt top was a BOM that I did awhile back and, until a couple of weeks ago, remained a LIW (Lady in Waiting)...

This middle picture has the truest color

...ALL FINISHED...;););)

I made these three skirts...

...out of this...

...old jeans and lots and lots of ribbon and trim...

I made little bags out of the leg pieces that I cut off of the jeans;) I also made a couple of of pillows for 2 of my grandsons. I get so excited about giving them the things that I make for them that I forget all about taking pictures.

I'm participating in Connie W's (Cootie Bugg 2) Siggy Block Swap. I'm just waiting to get my blocks...all 60 of them and then I'll have to figure out how I'm going to put them together.

Projects in the works are...a crocheted bag, my red, white, and blue afghan, new scrubb tops for work, my applique block from the Linda Jenkins' class I took, and..., and..., I think you get the picture.

I just have to add one more picture of the snow from last week...

This is one of the trees in my front yard...I think the picture looks pretty cool (no pun intended) with the black of the trunk and the white of the snow.

I hope it's not too late to wish you all a happy week;)