Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quilt Blocks

Here are a few of the quilt blocks that I've been working on lately.

These two are from a BOM that I'm doing at Fabric Mill.

They are from the Eleanor Burns' Quilter's Almanac Quilt Block Party Series Number Three. We started this quilt in April and will be finishing it up, at least the top, next March.

The two below are the first two blocks from the QAL that Amanda is doing on her blog, http://www.crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/. I have a few adjustments to make, but I'm really enjoying the blocks that Amanda is helping us with, and the fact that I love "stars" makes it all the more fun for me.

I have the setting blocks for this quilt cut out. They are blue and white. Looks like I'll be adding some red, white, and blue quilts to my collection after all.


Valerie said...

I have a blue and yellow theme for mine. I don't now how it will work out but we will see. I love yours! I will check up on you with the QAL. I have only cone Block 1 so far.

Wurtz Gang said...

I guess that this means that I must be an amazing teacher if you managed to do this all on your own! :) I guess that I better get my butt in gear and finish the projects that I have started on!

Leslie said...

great job mom! i still have yet to get going on my qal. Slacker? maybe maybe not. maybe I need to start a new blog for all of my crafts too! :D Love you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blocks!

Terry said...

What beautiful quilt blocks! :0)