Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dear Jane

I finally started my Dear Jane Quilt. I was originally going to make it completely by hand and then decided that there would be a sufficent amount of handwork on it even if I didn't do it all by hand. This will be a project that will probably take a couple of years to get all of the pieces made and then there will be the quilting. For now, tho' here's what I have done.

This one is called Four Corner Press and will find its home in position B-13.

These blocks will measure 4.5'' finished. There are over 200 blocks in the Dear Jane Quilt.

This one is called Uncle Homer and will go into the A-4 position.

I also cut out a couple of blocks from the Dear Jane Quilt that are appliqued.

Here are blocks 5 and 6 that go in my Star Quilt that's going on over at

I took these pics late in the evening so the color isn't very good and you can't see the different shades of red very easily.
I did a 5" charm square swap. We all swapped 20-5" blocks with 2 different people. I got these in the mail yesterday . Aren't they cool??? I think they are.

The top two pics are mostly the same swatches. There are a few more in the one on the right that I forgot to put in the first pic.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we'll get block #7 for our Star Quilt from Amanda Jean. Until then...HAPPY QUILTING;)


Jacquie said...

Good for you tackling the Dear Jane project. I've been so impressed with the work folks have been putting into these quilts. Your quilt-a-long blocks look great!

amandajean said...

I wish I was working on the dear jane quilt. it's still too scary for me. I keep thinking maybe in a few years.

your star blocks are looking great! the red and white look so good together.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Karen your DJ blocks are just lovely..thankyou so much for dropping by my blog...

Joanna said...

I've been seriously thinking of doing a Dear Jane - the more I look around, the more people are doing them! I can see how addictive it could be. Yours look lovely!!!

And I really do hope to make it to the shop hop. My SIL wants us to go camping with them and it's the same week - aaaargh! I am quite torn :) But either way, I will definitely have a trip to Corn Wagon :) I'll be at the Utah Valley Quilt Guild meeting in Provo next Wednesday - do you go? And the Springville quilt show is definitely on my list of must-dos!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Are you caught up with the Dear Jane folks? I've got some serious catching up to do. You have a great blog. And thanks for your sweet comments, as always, on my blog!

Solstitches said...

I always enjoy seeing Dear Jane blocks on the various blogs I like to visit although it would be way over my head to attempt it myself.
Your star blocks and stunning and how fun to exchange charm squares -love that idea.