Friday, October 10, 2008

October is a Beautiful Month

Well, after visiting my daughter and her family in Minnesota, I'm home and ready to get back into the swing of at 0600 tomorrow. While I was there, my grand daughter and I made a little pillow, a dollie, and a little bag for her. I also finished knitting one sock that I was working on and started its' mate. Went to a parade (previous post) and took lots of pictures.

...the bag, pillow, and dollie...
bet ya could never guess her favorite colors...

I'm participating in the Christmas Cottage Block Swap (check out the buttons on my sidebar) and these are a few of the blocks I have done...

and a couple of them close up

Each of mine is just a little bit different
It's going to be hard to part with these...

There's a house warming for our cottages on Monday and everyone is invited...

The cottages are simple to do and very fun. Freda has a tutorial on her blog that shows you just how to make your own...they're a blast! Go on and try know you want to;) Speaking of Freda, a couple of months ago, she asked us to show our sewing kits, well I guess better late than never....It's a little Double Bubble Bubble Gum Lunch Box

..this is one that I take with me when I travel.
It's very small, about 3"x4" but holds a lot

and tucks into just about any small space.

Just before I left for Minnesota, I rec'd this bag, in the mail ,from Ruth. She was having a give away on her blog a few weeks ago and I entered and won...

........this green bag........'s corduroy with machine embroidered flower and strawberries on it
and a pretty green button.
The hair clips are mine...that's where I keep them when they're not in use, but always at the ready.
My new bag has been used ever since I got it.
Thanks a TON Ruth! Sorry the picture doesn't do the bag justice.

Well, it's taken me two days to get this post up so I'm going to put this one to bed and get a little shut eye myself, but before I go.........we had out first snow of the season today. Not a lot, but just enough to let us know that more isn't far away. Fall has come and gone so quickly.



Anonymous said...

I love the baggage box!
So adorable. I will like to own one on my travel too. Now I keep them in my little satin purse.
You are very good with your works.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

oh Karen considering our weather to day thee beautiful flowers are making me miss summer already. It sounds like you had such acgood time visiting family. I' be never been to minn. But I'd love to some day.

Your blocks are outstanding! I love them. I made all mine just a little different too. I know what you mean about not wanting to part with them but when you see how cute everyones are you will be happy I think.

I loved your sewing box!

Pepi said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog. I am very glad that you like my proyect. I must say that the one you making is lovely. I like those christmas houses. Forgive me if my english is not very good. Hugs.

Annette said...

Your cottages are so cute. I love the trees in the doorways and the snowmen in the window. This has been such a fun project.

Solstitches said...

Those little houses are so cute. What a fun project to work on.
Lucky you to win the green bag.
Always such lovely flower pictures here.