Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pincushions/Placemats/Block Swap/and a WIN

Well, here I am again, barley able to get two posts up a month. Could it be because I work way too many hours??? This past week I worked 84...yes, that's right...84 hours! I can't believe that I did it. Fifteen of those hours were on July 4th! Bring on the holiday/overtime ;););) You might wonder why I would even consider working that many hours, or you might not, but the reason is purely selfish...I'm going to the International Quilt Festival later this month that's being held for the second year in Long Beach, CA and I want to have lots n lots of $ to spend. Last year was the first year that the festival was held in Long Beach...and as luck would have it...my daughter lives on the beach, within blocks of the LB Convention Center. The best of both worlds...I get to visit with my daughter and granddaughters and go to the festival;)

There will be more to come on both of these subjects...you can be sure;)

Now, let's take the title of this blog in reverse...

A WIN...
I was one of the lucky winners of Cheryl's Sampler Embroidery Folder Pattern. I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive in the mail, but it has a very long way to travel before it gets here.

Cheryl has an ongoing embroidered BOM that is awesome...go check it out...I'm sure you'll like it;)


I'm participating in the 4 Seasons Quilt Swap where we make two sets of 20 blocks each and then mail them to our swap mama, Margaret.

These are the two sets that I sent...

The color here is really bad

I tried to get the color right by taking pictures inside and outside.

The one above is the inside pic and the one below is the outside pic

The colors here are a little closer, but the picture is a bit fuzzy

These blocks were some that I had never made before, but they worked up really quick and there's a great tutorial here.

I can hardly wait to see what comes in the mail in the next few weeks;)


I am also participating in a PLACE MAT SWAP. My swap partner, Rock Granny, lives in Croatia and I will be sending what I made for her as soon as she gets her address to me.

Because she has not received her package yet I will wait to show any pictures.

Again, this was a first for me. Place mats aren't something that I've done before, but I had fun doing this project...and see more in my future;)


I participated in a PINCUSHION SWAP that was hosted by Sandra and haven't heard that my swapee has gotten her package yet, so I'll just give you a little peek...

My swap partner doesn't know who I am, so I'm not too worried that she will see it before her package gets to her home...far, far away over the ocean (Atlantic). I hope she will like it;)

My Pincushion(s) came in the mail last week, but with me working so many hours I didn't have a chance to show it/them off.

My package came from Erin. Erin lives in Malaysia;)

Just look at all of the goodies she sent me...

Not one, but two pincushions!;)
I love how the pattern on the round one looks so 3D and the colors in the square one are very fun;)
Erin also sent me fabric, buttons, thread, and ribbon...

How lucky am I;)

Erin, thanks sooooooo much for the pin cushions, ribbon, thread, buttons, and the fabric;) I'm sure that I will have lots of fun with all of them;)

I hope that you all have a great week with TOST

(Tons Of Sewing Time)


Jackie said...

84 hours! I thought my 70 hour weeks were long. Thankfully, I don't have to work that much anymore. Looks like you're as busy as ever!

Erin@1N3sew said...

Karen, oh thank God it safely arrived to you! hope you'll be making something with all the stuff!

happy sewing!

Jantine said...

Houw can you ever work 84 hours in a week? They hardly fit in ;-)
My parcel arrived today and no, I didn't know you before now. Even if I did, how could I ever have known you were my swapping partner? You made me very happy and I will try to blog about it tonight. Have to have supper ready first, my kids are starving ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you've been a BUSY girl! Your pincushion peek looks wonderful -- can't wait to see the whole thing!